Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Things have been quiet around here lately. Did everyone fall asleep? Oh wait, sorry, that was me!

Apple is announcing a new device tomorrow, reportedly a tablet computer of some sort. If it has a GPS init, I will be updating Geopher Lite to be using said tablet. I'm itching to do a number of projects on such a device. Don't hold your breath, but if the tablet is as capable as I think it might be, I will likely update Geopher Lite to a full version of Geopher, with all that that would entail. If I do so I'll announce it here once development is under way.

I have to say, even though my plan of working with geocaching.com didn't go as planned, it's been a fun and interesting ride to watch paperless caching come into it's own as a real paperless option. Thanks to everyone who have helped make this happen, not only with Geopher Lite, but with the many options that are available!

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