Wednesday, January 19, 2011

User Questions

I've taken what I have done with the iPad version of Geopher Lite and been working on what is essentially a rewrite of Geopher Lite, that is closer to the original vision I had of the full version. There are plenty of things on my list left to do.

You can see the results of my work here.

I have kept putting off my changes for Geopher Lite because to do what I wanted would essentially be a rewrite of the app. I do have changes, and I have made some improvements, but nothing I am satisfied with. I believe that I will only be comfortable with a full revamp.

I was also holding out hope that groundspeak would eventually open up more to 3rd party developers now that they are dominating the market for geocaching on the iPhone. I do know they are working on a 3rd party developer API, but it is invite only. Because I directly compete with them in the iPhone space I don't expect them to contact me. (Though I would love it if they would!)

I'm going to have to assume at this point that this won't happen. So where does that leave us?

I would like to take many of the changes I've made for the open caching port and put them into Geopher Lite. This will lose the skin support but should bring the app more into the modern iPhone world. For example, settings will be contained in the app itself. I will likely move forward with this and have an update submitted in the next few weeks.

As always, thanks for using Geopher Lite!

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