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Geopher Lite FAQ

Question: What is geocaching?
Answer: Read this, it answers that question better than I could.

Question: Why do I have to enter my own target coordinates into Geopher Lite? Why not fill them in for me?
Answer:'s terms of use do not currently allow 3rd party applications to use data from in any way other than through a web page. Auto-filling the coordinates for a geocache would violate this agreement. I have spoken with groundspeak (the company that owns and they have asked that I keep their standard terms of use agreement until further notice.

Question: Why doesn't Geopher Lite keep me logged in to
Answer: It can, but it works the same way that a web browser would work. Make sure to check the "Keep me logged in" checkbox when you log in and Geopher Lite will remember your login. (Once you have entered your username and password, zoom out and this checkbox is right underneath the username and password fields)

Question: What format can I use to enter target latitude and longitude coordinates?
Answer: Currently Geopher Lite supports decimal degrees and Hour with decimal minutes.'s default format is in Hours and decimal minutes. See this link for more details on latitude and longitude formats. Since it can be a pain to enter the ° symbol, geopher uses a space instead. Geopher will auto-format the data in Hours and decimal minutes format. This gives you immediate feedback on what Geopher Lite thinks you have entered. Currently Still a bit confused? Me too! =) Look at the examples below.

Example of hour and minute degrees:
(normal) N 40° 05.849 W 111° 39.395
(in Geopher Lite) N 40 5.849 W 111 39.395

Example of latitude and longitude degrees:
(normal) N 40.097483° W 111.656583°
(in Geopher Lite) 40.097483 -111.656583

Note: Geopher Lite only understands the following characters: ".-1234567890NESW ". Geopher Lite substitutes all characters other than these with a space. If it is more convenient you can use something other than a space when entering coordinates.
**Update: With 1.0.4 Geopher Lite enters a partial latitude/longitude based on your current location to make entering coordinates easier.

Question: Can I change the layout of the compass screen? What about the graphics?
Answer: In version 1.0.4 (now released) Geopher Lite will have a limited number of options to choose from when displaying the compass screen. Support for a general skinning method is being considered.

Question: Where are Geopher Lite's preferences?
Answer: The preferences are under apple's settings app towards the bottom. If there is demand I can put the settings inside of Geopher Lite to make them more easily accessable.

Question: What are some other preferences I can change?
Answer: Currently you can change from metric to standard measurements, toggle on and off previously found caches, and change the appearance of the target screen. More preferences may be forthcoming.

Question: Does the compass point north or just at the top of the screen all the time?
Answer: The compass points to the top of the screen. The iPhone does not contain a real compass. However there are plans to create a preference to rotate the compass in a future update.

Question: What about the arrow?
Answer: The arrow overlay points in the direction of the cache as it relates to north. So if you point your iPhone north, the arrow will point towards the target you have set.

Question: Can Geopher Lite save a list of geocaches for me to reference?
Answer: No. Something like this to a smaller scale is being considered for an update, but may only be implemented in the full version of geopher.

Question: Does Geopher Lite support .GPX or .LOC files?
Answer: Syncing these files to Geopher will be in the full version, but probably will not be in Geopher Lite. Keep an eye on things, you never know.

Question: Do you support more sites than for geocaching information?
Answer: Not currently. I am open to supporting other sites, but in my limited research other sites do not have enough data to be very useful for an on-the-go type of geocaching software like Geopher Lite. If you feel differently, please contact me about it. I'd love to hear of alternatives for tighter integration. ( is being looked into, if you have experience with this site and would like to help with the URL formatting please contact me)

Question: Will I be able to upgrade Geopher Lite to the full version when it is available?
Answer: Currently apple doesn't allow this. I am looking into the possibility of doing this in other ways, but for the time being Geopher Lite will stay as a Lite version.

Question: The app doesn't work!
Answer: Apple has a few bugs in their software still. Sometimes applications won't launch or the GPS won't work quite right. Try rebooting your phone (hold down the lock and home button both for 5 seconds to shut it down then turn it on again). If the problems persist try deleting the app off of your phone and re-syncing or re-downloading the app. If all else fails, email me!

This FAQ will be updated as questions are asked. Thanks for using Geopher Lite!


Uli said...


some comments / feature requests:

- either indicate the position of the sun (this allows orientation towards the North direction)
- or calculate the North direction from subsequent positions when walking.

Max said...

Thanks for this useful program.

Reqest for features:
1-More GPS information, like a)-accuracy and/or satellites in view b)-altitude c)-something that indicates how old is last position.
2-Calculate north from subsequent positions when moving.


Joseph said...

I still don't understand the arrow moves around it doesn't just point to top of screen. It doesnt seem to point in direction of destination either. Using an iphone 3g.

Anonymous said...

For some reason the program changes my numbers to all zeros, no matter how I enter them, Wish it worked for me!

Anonymous said...

You have to make sure you enter the direction ahead of the coordinates- like N or W.

Muhahahahaz said...

So there will be a more complete version without the "Lite"? Will I be able to upgrade for $2 less, or have I just wasted $2 on the Lite version?

I'm actually curious as to whether such a thing is even possible with the iTunes store... I hope so.

It would be nice to know, although I guess I'm not really too worried about $2. After all, until the full version comes out, I'll be having fun with Geopher Lite!

Anna said...

My only gripe is that every time I leave the app and go back in, I have to log back into in order to view the coordinates or other stuff on the cache. Can't it keep me logged in?

Find two caches today - the first two with my iPhone and this app. Very cool! Looking forward to the full version!

redisant said...

What is the target date for the full version? Until there is GPX support I don't have much need for this app. I am looking for a paperless solution and already have a GPS that crushes the iPhone in that regard. Not to mention my iphone is 1st gen so no GPS anyway. I need to be able to be offline yet still access cache data like CacheMate for the PPC and Palm platforms. Will Geopher full version ever be that solution?

Anonymous said...

Since the last upgrade it seems that all my measurements are metric, how do I change them back?

Anonymous said...

Since the last upgrade it seems that all my measurements are metric, how do I change them back?

stacey said...

I really like this app and I have been using it for a little while now. When ever I try to do a new search now (since the upgrade) I don't get the cashes closest to me I get then for a search I did a week or so ago in darlington ((I don't live any where near there). Other than that I love it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

can you put current locatin on the set target page? I read about auto-copying the coordinates. I am suggesting just have them as text on the set target screen.


Anonymous said...

Can geopher lite be used for the new Sprite phone the Instict? I can get that for a monthy discount of 23% where as AT&T will not let me use my usual 23% with the iphone. Can it be used with any other AT&T phone if it can not be used with the Instict?

Anonymous said...

Successfully found my first two cache's with this program! Great, thanks. I noticed with iPod update 2.0.2 I am not being kept logged in. Odd with 2.0.1 it worked fine. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Gidday - sorry if this has been asked before but does the app deal with the southern hemisphere OK?

thanks JL

Anonymous said...


I love this app! I've found over 50 caches with it all over the US. I am agreeing with two requests already stated:

I would like to stay on the same webpage even when I exit the app. Starting over each time takes a lot of time on 3G.

I don't use the compus much so if there could be an option to make the startup screen a new cache search.

Thanks so much!

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