Friday, November 14, 2008

Good and bad

So, I have some good news and bad news.

The good news is that apple has recently released some sample code that allows saving web pages for offline viewing. This is exactly what I've been trying to get working with cURL but have had mixed progress with. To bring you up to date, I've gotten cURL working with mixed results. The web page saves, but the images and such do not easily, so I was having to write all of that manually. This should help a lot with that. So if all goes well the next release of Geopher Lite will have web archiving capability. For those of you who are developers and curious, you can check out some of my initial work with cURL here. It's not everything I've done, but the initial part of getting it working.

That said... Yesterday my 3 year old "cleaned off" my iPhone in the toilet. It was still on when I grabbed it from her, I think she just dipped it in and was wiping it off when I got to it. Still. I turned it off (the touch screen wasn't working and flickering on and off) and quickly stuck it in a bowl of dry rice to try and wick away the water as much as possible. I'll let you all know tomorrow morning when I dare try turning it on again if it actually works still or not. So that may be a setback to getting this next version released, I'm going to try and not have it be though. I may have to rely more heavily on my beta testers for this one.

Always something. =)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Hey everyone.

I have to be honest, my drive behind Geopher has had a gunshot wound to the head and it's slow going what with everything else that's happening in my life. However, I still want a better solution than what is out there for the iPhone, so I am not giving up, it is just taking a bit longer than I had planned.

I'd like to get an update to you all by thanksgiving (That's towards the end of november for you non-U.S. folks) on Geopher Lite in between other things and I'll see what I can do there. This would include the rotated compass graphics (which have been done actually since the end of september, shame on me for not getting those to you sooner), probably the GCxxxx on the main target screen and the new outdoor skin. There are other potentialities for that release, but I won't promise anything else.

Hang in there and thanks for stopping by!

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