Friday, July 4, 2008

Early preview

Well, after a lot of thought and some development, the geopher demo is vaguely functional. Here's a picture for history of a pre-alpha in progress shot of goepher's demo.

The arrow and compass need some work. Graphically I like the compass, though I might not keep it blue and it needs better designations for N/E/S/W. The arrow needs some attention, but it will server it's purpose for now. Eventually the arrow will point the direction towards your selected target location, though it just points north currently. Expect better things here. I've not decided if the compass itself will rotate to indicate direction or if the arrow will. I might have to make that a preference, from the few people I have talked to it's a pretty split decision.

The target input fields need a redesign and will likely not be on this main page. I will be adding a bearing and/or heading on this page. If a geocache is selected as target I may add information about the cache with a "log it" link.

Hitting the map button goes to your current location as a map on, in apple's safari. Possibly later I'll add a frame within my application that will do all of that without having to go to safari. Maybe. Much later.

The overall design needs a lot of work, but it will get there. I had best get back to work, I need to add some Haversine Functionality.

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