Sunday, July 13, 2008


Just a quick update before I go to bed.

Geopher Demo is still not available via the app store. It is still marked as "Under Review". I expect that it has made it past any automated testing on apple's part and is sitting in someone's queue waiting for human approval for the app store.

In other news I've made a breakthrough of sorts in getting cache information without actually displaying a webpage. Or at least getting the actual HTML of any url (web page) I want via the iPhone. It looks very possible to deliver on my favorite geopher feature -- a "go!" style button that searches and then automatically targets the closest cache for you. I knew this would be possible, but didn't expect it to be quite as quick of an answer. There are a number of details to work out on exactly what the best criteria and such to use with this button, how to access this feature, etc. But that's just logistics at this point. Design details. Anyhow.

If you didn't understand any of that let me sum up. Good news, we're making progress! =)

I'll keep you updated.


DadGuy said...

Apparently I needed to update my layout too. The white was just a bit too basic.

Anonymous said...

Good news! Let me say how excited I am that someone is developing a geocaching app! I knew that an iphone with GPS would could be the perfect geocaching gadget.

I think one possible reason why your app is being delayed is I've heard apple is discouraging "Demo" apps, prefering to wait for the real thing to be developed.

A suggestion: a way to filter out results for cache searches based on cache size. I always have my kids when geocaching so we always go for larger caches that may contain toys to trade. Just a thought.

Thanks again for putting in the time to make LOT of geocachers happy!


DadGuy said...

Hi Justin,

I plan on addressing that issue. I also have kids and I get to geocache much more often when I am with them. Chances are the demo won't have that functionality, but the real version should have that and more.

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