Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New screenshots.

Even though things aren't all the way through the app store process yet, I decided I couldn't wait to make a few improvements. I've again swapped around some of the buttons and text fields, cleaned up the user interface some, and made it a little spiffier in general. Here are a few screenshots of the new tweaks, most noticeable in the set target view.

We're getting close, I can feel it. =)


abadinfluence said...

I'm curious, will this take advantage of the iPhone 3G's GPS capabilities? Thanks.

DadGuy said...


Yes, this is built primarily with the iPhone 3G's GPS in mind. It will still work with the older iPhone, but will not be as accurate.

jasphair said...

Hey dadguy,

I just wanted to let you know, I'm very excited to see your application up and running, and I can't wait to start working with it! Thank you for your dedication to getting this working, and your persistance with Apple to push it into the App store.

I'm spreading the word to all the Geocachers I know, and there are a great many anticipating your first relase.

Thanks again!


DadGuy said...


Thanks a ton! I'm looking forward to sharing it with everyone. And the more that now the better. =)

Victor S. said...

hi... just had a few time on my hands now ..and here is a quick sketch for a possible skin (target screen).



DadGuy said...


Thanks for taking the time for that! It looks good! I can totally understand where you are coming from wanting a more clean interface. I have some ideas on how I could add skinning to the app. Drop me an email, geopherdemo@gmail.com, we can discuss it further.

jasphair said...

I like the clean skin, too! It'll be nice if users can customize the display of the app!

dadguy, I really like the current skin you have in place! It'd be cool if you could maybe add a few little things to it, to make it look even more like a treasure map or something (like a little pirate ship, a skull/crossbones, etc) I'm a pirate fanatic, though, so I hope you don't mind. ;)

Wim Verhoef said...

Let me give my feedback as a geocacher: the distance should preferably not be shown with mm precision ;) Just tell us how many meters, maybe 1 digit behind the dot. That's enough.
The second thing 'regular' geocaching devices do is show in what direction you are moving (by comparing readings) and rotate the compass rose so your travel direction is shown on top. I now assume N is always up :(
Anyway, I can't wait to see this appear in the shop, without an app like this the iPhone can't be used as a geocache hunting device! Keep up the good work!

DadGuy said...

jasphair, thanks for the comments. I like the background, but I think the compass rose could use work and the arrow is functional but I would like to replace it.

Wim, I've already changed the precision on the distance to one decimal place. I hadn't gotten around to it, but it's currently done, look at the screenshot above I believe it's fixed there already. No word form apple on if I can update it before the other submitted code launches on the app store however. Regarding the compass, you are correct that it up is always north. I plan on adding a preference for that, but haven't gotten there yet. It won't be that way in the initial release, but it's already on the list.

CaptTCS said...

I am really STOKED to have found this. I just got an IPhone 3g & have been hunting far and wide for an application which I could use to allow the IPhone to enhance my Caching experience.

I like the Target screen the way that it is. The "Old Map" look adds some genuine style points.

I too would like to see an option for the compass to show "Heading-Up" -or- "North-Up". As a professional Navigator, I use both.

Is there any way that I can receive e-mail notification when the application is available? I will be anxious to install it and take it out for some caching right away.

Thanks! Keep up the good work!

Gerald said...

WOW!!! I was just searching for this kind of app you know what would also be cool if you could turn this into an overlay for google maps I haven't been Geocaching much but I plan to soon and this app I need thanks keep up the good work I hope this get released soon. I keep checking the app store

Wobbly Librarian said...

Hi There!
Awesome application. And I would pay for it, no questions asked. You've put something together that is of value, and it took a little (or lot) of your time. Don't be shy.

(I always pitch in when there is a chance on shareware, too.)

Anyway, I stood in line for an hour and a half on Sunday evening and now have my iPhone, and am enjoying it. I'm looking forward to using it with my geocaching- I've used a pocketPC with a bluetooth GPSr for paperless caching but the batteries on my 5 year old pocket PC are very limited. ( I also have an old magellan sport trak map that I have to manually enter waypoints). SO I was waiting for the iPhone and someone like you to create the software to take advantage of the resident GPSr.

Here's to a speedy approval by Apple so that I can by the program. (Use the money to fund the education of your kidlets, if you feel at all awkward about charging for it. You shouldn't. It is something that people who can afford a couple of hundred dollars for a phone plus a hundred a month for phone service can certainly afford to cough up 5, 10 or 15 bucks to purchase.....)

DadGuy said...

Thanks for the additional kind words everyone, right this second it helps a lot. =)

I know there are a lot of people out there wanting an app like this, that's why I'm trying to get this "lite" version pushed through until I can get something more full featured in place.

Keep checking the app store, I'll have something for you all as soon as I can.

Smitty said...

This looks a little interesting, but not a real breakthrough (sorry). Maybe the non-lite version will hold more promise.

One thought, issue, problem... It looks like your app is reading the lng/lat from the geocaching.com website. I'm pretty sure that constitutes scraping and is expressly prohibited by the geocaching.com TOU. Any thoughts?

Hey, I'm not criticizing as I have been poised for some time to create a really great geocaching application that users would clamor for... but with no API and the very restrictive TOU, it's pretty much DITW.

Finally, as you are and I, frustrated by the lack of foresight on GC developer(s) in not releasing an API to their data resources. Time has held again and again in the quickly changing internet, that the most successful sites allow access to some portion of their resources. Facebook, Google Maps, YouTube, and on have succeeded because they have opened access to their services, not blocked it. GC's developer (is Jeremy the only one?) is a bit arrogant (read his posts) and wants to keep his game closed.

Too bad, for all of us.

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