Wednesday, July 23, 2008


After hours and hours of back and forth with apple, we are finally in the app store!

I have changed the price to $1.99. I am also intending on making feature updates in Geopher Lite. I'll be posting an update to apple in the next day or two which will contain some of these.

It was interesting to find out I was posted on the app store by people yelling about the price. I had changed the price to $3.99 to try and get apple to look at the app faster. That succeeded, as a few hours after I had changed the price they sent me an email asking about some of the functionality. I never got to readjust the price (I forgot frankly) and the last word I had from apple was that the web view didn't add sufficient functionality above and beyond safari. Meaning that Geopher Lite was not to be posted to the web store. I *REMOVED* some features and resubmitted, expecting nothing short of a miracle on getting approved. Apparently apple relented but I still would not have known that anything had changed here other than seeing my app up on the store.

Rocky start I guess. What else is new? =)

I am still out of town but will be home late this evening. I'll get an update in when I can.

For those who are worried or nervous:
The app available hasn't particularly changed since July 9th when I originally submitted it to apple in an attempt to get something out there as quickly as possible via the app store. More development has been planned for the lite version irregardless of the main Geopher version. I hadn't expected to be jumping through so many hoops with apple the last few weeks.

Also for those who have been following the blog, I have heard back from groundspeak and currently have their OK to use a web view to get at their data. According to their terms I can't go any farther (or at least it could be considered against their terms of use to go farther) until I work something out with them and that is in the process. They didn't give me (initially) any more approval than what is already stated in their license agreement. I'm doing what I can (legally) to make this all happen. Please be patient, I am optimistic that we are getting there.

Until then thanks for sticking around.


Phil Ringsmuth said...

Regardless of all the hassle and even the eventual outcome, I want to thank you for all your hard work on this. I have been wanting to get into geocahing for several years, but never got around to it. A few months ago I was looking into buying a dedicated GPS unit for geocaching, but held off on hopes that the new iPhone would have GPS built-in.

Having also held off on the original iPhone in hopes of significant improvements down the road, my wife and I decided to purchase two 3G iPhones when they came out. Then I was hoping it was only a matter of time before a dedicated geocaching app came along. I applaud your work on this program and will continue to watch it until it's ready for primetime, so to speak. You can guarantee that you will have a purchase from me once it's up to speed and ready to go as a full version.

Thanks again for your dedicated work. I look forward to using this app to jump start my geocaching experience.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on finally getting this into the app store....and thanks!

A couple of issues:
Target search worked fine and I was able to enter coordinates from the cache page. Might want to put an example format somewhere to let people know the convention for entering.

Once I entered the coordinates and returned, it appeared to tell me the correct distance to cache and the compass reading but the compass head never moved as I walked around my yard.

After finding the compass wouldn't move, I then went back to into target search since it IS a handy way to find caches close by. I was going to hit the Google Maps link on the cache page within your app to launch google maps to do a more manual seek of the cache but apparently the maps app won't launch from within your app like it does from within safari. I seem to recall that being a limitation of the SDK so if thats the case, nothing you can do about it. :)

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