Saturday, August 30, 2008


Since we a re waiting for 1.0.5 to be released by Apple I thought I'd post some screenshots and the changelog. Enjoy!

Geopher Lite 1.0.5 Changelog
- Added a preference to turn on and off the compass rotation. (Default is off)
- Added a preference to turn off auto search and added default HTML in it's place.
- Added a preference to keep the GPS on at all times.
- Changed the navigation buttons on the top of the target selection screen and moved them around.
- Changed the FAQ to be a local page instead of loading a website in safari.
- Reorganized the target setup screen buttons and added stop/back buttons.
- Re-Added log button and waypoint entry.
- Added URL linking from other applications.
- GPS Location Updates more frequently.

Per usual, I'd love to hear feedback, problems and suggestions!


Anonymous said...

Where is the change log?

DadGuy said...

Oops, I'll get that in there. Sorry about that.

Beil said...


I just wanted to say that I'm quite impressed with your commitment to Geopher. I've kept an eye on it for a few updates now and I like what you've done with it and where you're taking it. I've been curious about getting into Geocaching for suite some time but haven't had my own GPS-capable device until recently getting an iPhone 3G. Your app looks like it could provide a great entry into geocaching. Thanks for the great work!

Kevin said...

Just thought I'd let you know, each morning when I turn on my phone I check my email first and then the app store, wondering if the new update has cleared yet. I really love your app and can't wait for the full version. Any idea on timeframe for that (and can donations help speed things along?)

DadGuy said...

Thanks for the kind words beil.

Kevin, I'm doing what I can for the full version. I can sat that it is well under way. I've thought a ton about what I want it to be, and some portions of it are completed. There's plenty still left to be done, but it's just a matter of doing it. The tough part is that I'm not doing this for my full time job, so it's happening on evenings and my days off here and there. As far as donations... If you feel strongly about that I probably won't argue. =) But I can't guarantee that a donation would necessarily speed it along. My issue is time, and unfortunately all I can do is ask you to be patient. I'm glad you like the app, thanks for the support!

Michael Messner said...

I took this app for a spin this morning, geocaching with my puppy. I have to say, despite a few understandable shortcomings, you've done a fantastic job of making full use of the iPhone's functionality. This is the kind of app that makes the iPhone a more full-featured device. Can't wait to see where you go with this and rest assured I'll be buying the full app once it's released.

magicwaldo said...

I also can't wait for the full version of the application. Having the ability to carry all my caches in my pocket instead of printing out tree after tree of information is going to be simply amazing! I understand that there are other applications available that seemingly already do this, however if lite is any indication of what the full product is going to be, I'll gladly wait for this more complete, more able, and better looking product. I just hope geopher full is realeased before any more sub standard apps are released and saturate the market with garbage.

monkey710 said...

I have a question:

What happens when you turn off auto search? I like the instant search option, but I hate it that if I need to read the entry again on the site, it researches. Does it save the page in Safari?

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