Saturday, August 2, 2008

Update in the works

Currently I have a couple of minor fixes working in the next release, including google maps working more as expected and an easier way of entering latitude and longitude coordinates. The new arrow interface is coming along nicely. I want to take the time to get the compass working correctly so it's taking a bit longer than I had expected. Patience will be rewarded. =)

I have also signed on a handful of people as beta testers to help out. Additional beta testers may or may not happen, I am not looking for more right now though.

Per usual, please post your gripes, praise and suggestions.

Thanks everyone for your support.


DH said...

Thanks so much for all your hard work. I have become addicted to this app and geocaching. Today I took my kids to play at Liberty Park and while they played in the water I went on line to see if there were any caches around. Much to my satisfaction I was practically sitting on one! Avoiding any juggle eyes, I scooped it up and logged it right there. Oh this is so much fun!! Again thanks for all your hard work.

altered7151 said...

The update is great! The safari window is much better and the map link is great, makes it much easier to get to a cache. For me though it still has one major downfall, and its enough to make me not use it as my geocaching program. Its the compass/pointer. I just moved to South Florida where its very hard to tell direction. So in order for me to figure out which direction I'm heading I have to have a compass with me, for me defeating the whole purpose of having the iphone geocaching app. If the app had a "GoTo" navigation screen like a garmin handheld or the geoniche program on Palm it would be an amazing app. When you're navigating in flatland with trees its much easier to know if the cache is to the right or left of your current location instead of to the north or south. Thanks for all your hard work on the app!

Tapani said...

Hi there. I'm a Geocaching newbie and must say that without experience of other devices or apps poluting my view I realy like your app. Im not entirely sure what the compas rotation will do but I think that some kind of "trail arrow" would be nice. sort of an arrow that points towards the center of the compass so you see what direction you have gone compared to the direction you should have. If its possible a sun and/or moon position on the compas would give a lot of real world reference to easyer go in the right direction and not needing to bring my real compas with me. Not so discreet in urban lokations. Take care and looking forward for the next uppdate. /fototape

Matt Brown said...

What would be nice and has probably been mentioned is the Google Map ability to see all the caches in the area, the way that you can on the Geochaching website but on the Google Map app on the iphone.
Right now when I select a Geocach from the page and select the Map link it opens Google Map app but tells me the "End location not found."

Branden Russell said...

Matt, he's not able to do that unless you enter all the coordinates. GroundSpeak doesn't allow him to scrape the coordinates on the site to put them into Google Maps.

If you want something similar to what you're asking, I submitted an app called Nearby Geocaches to the App Store. It should be showing up soon and will compliment this app nicely. It does just what you say, but within the terms of usage by GroundSpeak. It gets your current location and uses to display all the caches nearby.

Hopefully DadGuy and GroundSpeak can work something out so this can become a really great (greater than it is) geocaching app.

Branden Russell said...

Sorry, I just wanted to add that wasn't an ad for my app. Or trying to steal business from DadGuy. My app is free and doesn't do what this app does. I was only suggesting it because it did similar to what Matt asked. I'm using geopher too. It's pretty handy.

Josh said...

This should be an easy update, but would add much value, please add a bearing to the target so those using a magnetic compas can tune in to the right direction quickly. Preferably a magnetic bearing.

DH said...
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DH said...

I have noticed on the Groundspeak forum that an app titled Geode by No Name Industries is a forth coming app. I already own geopher lite and am really enjoying it. I just wonder if you know about it or have seen what they are planning to make capable? Keep up the great work! I love this activity!

DadGuy said...


I have seen geode. Looks cool. All the features that it lists (with the exception of offline maps and a different way to get to the compass/target screen) are on my todo list (and were already), along with other things. Geopher lite likely won't get all of those features, but the full version of geopher will. If you've been reading this blog and then look at the geode promises page you can see how they match up. They just have better marketing than I do. ;)

Branden, drop me an email, I have some thoughts about geopher and your app.

I have to jet, thanks to everyone else for your comments, I've read them and will keep them in mind. If you want a more direct answer, drop me an email or post again. =)

Anonymous said...

No offense, but why create a full version of Geopher when you are already charging for the Lite version? We all bought the app to show support. Why not reward us with all of the features we anticipated.

DadGuy said...


I feel that I've been very clear that a separate full version is coming soon. Geopher Lite will continue to be developed, and will be useful. You're getting your $1.99 (US) worth and then some. I cannot guarantee everything under the sun for less than the cost of lunch at a fast food resturaunt. That said, I am still not clear on if I will turn Geopher Lite into the full version or have a separate application for this. When I make a firm decision I will announce it.

In the meantime, I do appreciate everyone's support and I am very aware of the fact that a lot of people want Geopher to succeed.

Thanks for the comment.

Christopher Julian said...

@ anonymous
I think that the amount of features, work and support far exceeds what I would expect from a light version.
I was even sugesting the the app should not be called light since it's such a great package already...
But if Jeremy decides that there are more advanced features to warrant a "full" version! I think that's great and would likley buy it (even though I am very happy with the app as it is as of next update)...
Having had the privilige to test the next version I would say that it's likely to make most users happy (certainly if the rotating compass makes it)...

Hope you all catch plenty of caches
All the best

Anonymous said...

Great work so far! I would suggest turning Lite into the full version and creating a free Lite application almost like a demo version (maybe with some key features, but with your old "glitch" of not being able to save coordinates?). This may help people evaluate your app for free and then buy the full version.

Tom Mcguire said...

Great work, I was desperately waiting for this app.

I will keep taking the updates and I hope one day you can crack the problem of transferring the co-ordinates straight out of


Tom Mcguire
Hartlepool UK

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