Tuesday, August 12, 2008

While we wait...

... for apple to approve the update, here are a few more screenshots of 1.0.4.

I plan on revisiting the compass in the future to make it less uni-directional (i.e. move the letters around a bit, so that whatever is at the top looks right). That will likely come with the compass rotation. Which I may not get done to my satisfaction until Apple releases their 2.1 firmware that is in beta. We shall see. Wish me luck on that one. =)

I'm planning a smaller release cycle this time around and will focus a bit more on the target setting page. I'd like to revisit the look of the buttons and see if I can squeeze a bit more space out of there. There's not a lot to work with, but I have a couple of ideas, none of which are particularly new to the iPhone. But new to Geopher Lite.

If you could pick one feature that Geopher Lite could have, other than saving multiple targets, what would it be? (Look at the next post down to make sure your request isn't already added -- I had a 2 star review in the app store recently that has 2 of 3 issues they had with Geopher Lite already submitted with 1.0.4)

As always, thanks for the feedback and thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

I am going geocaching with a Cub Scout pack on Saterday can't wait to try this program. I keep checking the app store for the update hope Apple gets off there @$$ and get it up so I can try this. I will let you know how this works out

Will said...

I really liked the Login button, because I thought one of the coolest features was the ability to log your find right there. Try that, Magellan!

muidaq said...

I think tops for me is not having to manually enter coordinates. What about a partnership with GSAK that could upload caches to the iPhone? That would be the bees knees.

Anonymous said...

My top improvements would be not having to manually enter the coordinates and the ability to use the back button and other web functions as they work in Safari. Thanks for all your hard work, can't wait to try out the new version!

Congested said...

Well, despite the problems you've had being allowed to have the data automatically entered I think manually typing in the coordinates is the biggest problem, like others have said. Some sort of partnership with geocaching.com would obviosly go a long way and allow you to do a lot more with the app... Beyond just automatically entering coordinates.

So, leaving that aside I'd say a good thing to add would be back/forward buttons for the web navigation. More importantly for me is being able to scroll the web page up and down as one is typing in the coords.

As for other features for the future... A "gallery" button for a selected cache would be cool. It could load the pictures from the cache's gallery right into the phone and make them full screen.... And people could use their fingers to swipe between photos.... (sort of like the camera mode in the "weather bug" app.

Anyway that's it for now, I know you said one thing but I figured I'd get all the other comments out there for you.

SBC said...

When I bought the iPhone 3G I was aware that I was gonna miss a real GPS program and GeoCaching. We already know that a GPS program is coming sooner or later, but I didn't think I'd be Geocaching already :) Just stumbled over this proggie a few minutes ago and bought it on the spot.

The name could have been more revealing about the purpose of this prog, though. I almost missed it in the midst of all those useless 'GPS' programs on the App Store, due to the lack of the word 'cache' (I think)...?

Anyway, will be looking forward to all the small updates but of course the full program more than anything. Hopefully it will be as full featured as GeoScout on WM or GeocacheNavigator on S60.

Thanks for doing this :)

colin said...

I would really like clicking a button and having a bunch of pins drop around my current location. Just like everything else in google maps. I doubt it would be possible though with geocaching.com keeping their info secret.

vb said...

The single most desired feature is being able to go directly to the map page without manually entering the coordinates.
Right now I look for the surrounding caches in Geopher then I use iGeocacher (which has all the local caches preloaded) to get me to the map page where the pin drops on the cache location. To log the cache I go back to Geopher. This has worked great for me. It would be nice to just use a single app.
Thanks for all your efforts. We all appreciate it.

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