Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So I got an email back from apple a little while ago.

Apparently it's not a good idea to have a blank google maps interface or a blank search box when a user has no internet connectivity. I've got to add an alert or something to notify the user or this "could lead to user confusion".

They sent me this screenshot back to make the point.

I guess I don't think you all are that ignorant, but I could be wrong. =)

I actually appreciate this about apple, though it is slightly annoying. I never particularly thought this was an issue, but I suppose that some might consider it confusing. I'm glad they are working to keep apps as quality as possible. It is, however, just another obstacle to get my changes to you guys, that's the real downside. Ah well, at least the rejection was fairly positive and suggested that I re-submit the app after this was taken care of.

I'll update with this in mind and resubmit this evening sometime.

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DadGuy said...

App is resubmitted.

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