Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Due to personal reasons development has slowed on Geopher Lite. Don't count me out yet, but don't expect much in the next while.

Just for fun, I've changed the price to $0.99 U.S. for the time being.

Thanks for stopping by.


Masonic said...

Hang in there. Good Geocaching apps are always welcome, even if not always immediately appreciated.

Rob said...

I love the app. I just wonder why the compass doesn't rotate? If you don't know which way north is, then the app is useless

DadGuy said...

Hi Rob,

The compass should rotate if you are using a 3G or 3GS phone. The 3G phones have a limited GPS compass, so it only works when you are moving (the faster the better). On the 3GS the compass should work unless you have it turned off in the system settings. Hope that helps.

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