Friday, June 17, 2011

2.0 released

Yep, I finally got off my duff and fixed the last few remaining issues, ignored the half-done GPX importer, and sent this into apple. I hope the last few of you still sticking around likes the update. As always feedback, good and bad, is appreciated!


Wim Verhoef said...

Great to see Geopherlite is still alive.
However, it seems the setTarget URL scheme command doesn't work anymore? Have you checked that?
geopherlite:// works (starts the app) but geopherlite://setTarget;lat=%+.6f;lon=%+.6f;waypoint=%@;redirect=%@ with filled in values (from GCBuddy) doesn't fill in the target :-( as it used to do.
Kind regards,
Wim Verhoef

DadGuy said...

Hi Wim,
I'll have a look at that tomorrow night. I suspect it may have to do with resume vs. relaunching each time. Thanks for the heads up!

Wim Verhoef said...

Is a fix available in 2-3 weeks? otherwise I'll have to remove GeopherLite from the list :-(
A new release of GCBuddy is approaching and I don't want to have a 'dead link' in it.

DadGuy said...

Hi Wim,
My apologies, I've been out of town (and away from a computer) for a week.
I've found the initial problem but also noticed that suspend/resume causes this behavior to work oddly. I may have to revamp the code some. And since this would likely be within less than a week + approval time it probably won't be finished in that time. :( I'll post here when I'm done, I hope to have a half a day I can dedicate to it on monday and if all goes well I'll submit an update...

anshuman said...

The identifier in the code defines the software paradigm of an iphone.

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