Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Apple store submitted

Geopher has been submitted to the apple store.

I've made some significant changes, but time is short. I'll post more details about the state of geopher demo soon.

In the meantime, have some screenshots.


ambergino said...

This looks very cool! But why not display positions like N 37 19 54.1 instead of N 37 19.901 ? That will match up with printed maps better.

DadGuy said...

Hi Amber,

That would certainly be an option and I may add that later. However, I've tailored this somewhat to's website -- the default there is hours and decimal minutes instead of hours, minutes seconds like you mentioned. So the idea is to hit the go button, look at's website for a cache you can find close by, then enter the coordinates from that page.

You can currently enter straight decimal coordinates or hours and decimal minutes right now. I may add entering hours, minutes, seconds in the future if there is demad for it.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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