Saturday, July 5, 2008

Like a puzzle...

... everything is starting to come together.

Because of the self-imposed time crunch, I think this is very close to what the initial demo will look like. However, signifigant progress has been made.

The application is now a "flip" utility, meaning it has two panes you flip back and forth between. This was surprisingly more effort than I expected, though obviously doable. I can also tell that the sample code I looked at for both what I had and what I moved towards were written by two very distinct people.

This main screen hasn't changed much. I wanted to keep this as simple as possible. The bearing still needs fixed, I just can't bring myself to do that this evening. Maybe tomorrow. I have yet to get back to tweaking the images, I may do more o fthat this evening if I am up to it. I am also somewhat skeptical of the distance displayed between the current location and the target. Either my default position is much closer than I expected or the math there is off as well. Did I mention I never had a head for math? I suspect it's not as much that as how math is generally taught. Anyway.

This screen has had the biggest breakthrough yet. A web interface in a sub-pane. This will allow for quick searching of caches based on the current location, allowing the user to spontaneously whip out an iPhone, search on the current location, and choose a cache to make their target. This isn't quite ideal, however I'll save the one button press geocaching for the real app, not the demo. Assuming the geocache ID is entered properly, you can also jump straight to the log page and quickly mark the cache as found.

The flipside is remarkably cramped compared to the main screen. There's really just not the real estate I'd like for all the functionality. That or my UI design needs improvement. Maybe both. I'll be cleaning that up as much as I can for the release, but that may not be much between now and then.

The little black info button in the bottom left will bring up a splash screen touting the wonders of the full version which will be Coming Soon™.

More information to follow. Stay tuned!

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Telp said...

Just curious as to what pricing is going to be like? I couldn't find an email to email you directly.

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