Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Geopher Lite 1.0.3 Now available

... or is it?

About an hour ago I got an email from apple. The relevant portion is here:

and here:

I haven't seen any change on the iTunes store and it's still listed as in review, but it's not really...? Odd. Keep an eye out, hopefully that changes here soon and the update will really be available. Keep your fingers crossed! =)

Update: the updated app is now available via the iTunes store.


Brandon said...

App Store updates seem to happen in batches a few times a day. I've been refreshing this RSS feed to see what's new: . You should also get a notification both in iTunes and on the iPhone when you launch the app store that there are updates to installed applications.

And yes, I am also eagerly awaiting the new version of Geopher. :)

Christopher Julian said...

Happy happy to have just downloaded the update with map button and all... got to check it out... Thanks :)

Christopher Julian said...

Hmmm... Seems the map function works differently than I thought.
It appears to not transfer the coordinates but the ads a name to the pin droped onto the map and automaticly opens it in the directions view and not in the plain map view... This is just a notion based on a couple of searches NOT actual found caches... If I am right in these conclusions I think it would be more senible t have the coordinates transfered directly to the map view since at least here in sweden most often caches are not found on or very near roads.
If I have missunderstood this or if there I particular reason for this then fair enough (but would like to hear the reasons)... Can't belive I am so engaged in an app;)
Take care and good luck...

Brian said...

I would almost consider this version a step backwards. You need to start doing some better testing. If you need testers, let me know. You could ad hoc it to me.

1. Clicking on New Search 3 times in a row, sitting in the same chair, has gotten me three different results pages on

2. Select a cache and hit Map. What I would expect to happen is either a.) it opens Google Maps (in Search mode) and drops a pin on the location of the cache, or b.) it opens Google maps (in Directions mode) making my current location the starting point, and the cache's location the end point.

Here's what does happen. It makes the location of the cache the starting point, makes the end location N 0 0.000 E 0 0.000 and gives me an error of "Location not found."

3. Still cannot click on the Google Maps link of a cache's page and have it open up google maps.

Christopher Julian said...

Brian: the list thing seems to partially happen to me a bit as well but the results seem to overlap or just moss the odd one so not sure how that's happening...
As for the coordinates resetting I had that the first time around but then fine... But as mentioned in my previous post I think the big prob is that it does not open in search mode in maps...
Opening the maps through the website could perhaps be a problem with geocaches coding since that's quite flaky (for me at least) even in safari on the iPhone...
I also agree that if beta testers are needed the ad-hoc idea is great and would fasten up the feedback between version skipping the appstores long turnaround...
All the best and still well happy with the work being done...

CaptTCS said...

I just got the update. I like it. Seems more streamlined. Any idea when you will be able to update the compass, so we can set it to "Heading-Up"

Ian said...

I like this version, I downloaded the old version yesterday and this one just seems way better, the map link is fantastic and saving the co-ords makes this a keeper.

Brian said...

Based on Christopher's commend.. I've now tried multiple times to hit map from a cache's page. Each time, it gives me the same results.. "End location not found." Are you all doing anything different than me?

1. Launch Geopher Lite
2. Set Target
3. On the cache listing page, tap a cache name
4. With the cache's page being displayed, tap Map button
5. Get "End location not found." error

DadGuy said...

I've played around with it some this morning brian and haven't been able to get the google maps button to break. One thing I've not yet tried is putting a target away from roads -- does this cause issues with google maps? Otherwise it seems to be working for me.

I have not found any way to get control of the maps link on the website -- as far as I am aware that should be handled teh same as in safari. I'll keep looking at this, I agree that it would be nice to have working differently.

christopher, I understand your concern with the directions, and will address this a bit with the next update. Please contact me via email for more on this.

I don't have a lot of time right now (I'm at my "real" job) but I'll look at this as soon as I can in more detail.

If anyone is interested in getting an ad hoc build please contact me via email at No promises on giving these out, but I might do some beta testing here soon.

Sorry for the confusion. :/

CaptTCS said...

I found that I have to enter the Lat-Lon BEFORE hitting the map button. It you hit the Map button first, it enters all zeros in the Lat-Lon. Otherwise, it works GREAT for me. Dadguy, it's a really nice touch. Your doing great work. Looking forward to your next update.

Adelore said...

Hey, I am a graphic designer, and I would like to support your application (I already bought it too)

If you are ever looking for a designer for the interface of Geopher, let me know. My email is (aetherfunk) then (

jamie said...

Hi there, been following your blog with great interest and just started geocaching with my iphone. I've been waiting for the 1.03 version to arrive before purchasing as the way I currently use my iphone, is to drop a pin on the cache and get the blue dot to line up and then hunt around for the cache.

Therefore I disappointed that when you go to google maps it gives you directions to the nearest road and doesn't drop a pin on the actual cache.

At the moment I can see myself only using the app for finding nearby caches and then manually enter the co-ords into the mapp app.

Be great if you have a look at this or give the option of both.

Still a great little app and worth the money just to find nearby caches


Brian said...


i owe you an apology. i was assuming that once i was on a cache's page and hit map, it would pull the coordinates off the page automatically. i didn't realize that we still have to manually type in the cache coordinates. that's my fault.

i'm going to email you about beta testing.

Matthew said...

Hey, I couldn't find your email address anywhere. If you would, shoot me your email address when you get a chance, I've got some code to make the map links on the website launch up the Google Maps app on the phone if you are interested.

Will said...

I downloaded the update this morning and went on a cache hunt during lunch. Led me straight to it, no worries.

Three suggestions:
1) Why meters and not feet? Can we choose?
2) Couldn't use the website from within Geopher Lite to log my find. It kept resizing the box to something I couldn't use.
3) The iPhone can attach coordinates to photos. I take photos of my finds. Is this something that it would make sense to add>

Brandon said...

I haven't tried the new version of Geopher yet, but I can tell you that the issue with Google Maps and directions is that if you enter coordinates in the directions search, it will round the location to the nearest street, since the purpose of it is to try to give you driving directions. If you search with the normal search in Google Maps, it puts the pin exactly where the coordinates are, even if they're not on a road. Geopher should be using the normal search view for Google Maps and just inputting the coordinates if this is not what the current version does, since this will be more accurate than the directions view. If someone wants to get driving directions that will take them to approximately where the cache is, they can switch over to directions and it will place the current marker at the end of their route by default.

Wolfgang Unternaehrer said...

Jeremy, Brandon got a very valid point here, the way Geopher Lite is set up now, when hitting the "Map" button, the pin will only show the closest point to the cache from the nearest road, but NOT to the cache itself.

Therefore, the "Map" button should lead to the normal search within Google Maps, because in that view, the actual location of the cache will be shown.

As of now, I go to Geopher Lite, looking for the closest caches around me, then remember the geocache code (GCXXXX), then go to the book marked website, enter the code which opens that particular cache site, then I go down to the heading "For online maps..." and choose "Google Maps" that will open Google Maps and put a pin at the actual location of the cache. Unfortunately, if one tries to click on "Google Maps" from within Geopher Lite (showing the cache page) the link will not work.

DadGuy said...

Hi guys.

Apologies for the mix-up, I had no idea that google maps snapped the coordinates to a street with the directions view -- I'm an urban cacher, I plugged in a few cahces in the city and tried them out and it looked fine. I'll take care of that.

Brian, check the FAQ as to why I can't auto-enter the coordinates. Maybe someday.

matthew, thanks for the offer!

will, I have some ideas for photos in mind along the lines of what you are suggesting. Meters vs feet is already in the works, may or may not make this next version.

wolfgang and the rest, again apologies, I misunderstood how you guys were using google maps. I'll get that fixed.

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