Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Quick update.

I am a bit disappointed that apple hasn't released my update to Geopher Lite yet. I was hoping that it would be today. No such luck.

I've been pretty busy the last few days and haven't had much of a chance to work on Geopher Lite. I'm losing a bit of sleep tonight and tweaking a few things here and there. I've made some headway on the battery life, but probably lost all that I gained due to not having the device go to sleep when on the target screen. I've also throttled back the location updates from continuous to every few feet. And lastly I've added some tweaks to the coordinate entering system -- it will now auto-fill your direction (NESW) and the hours portion of the coordinate.

I've also started down the road of changing the compass to rotate and given some thought on skins. I am planning on spending more time tomorrow evening on Geopher Lite, I'll let you know more then. Also, once I get some more visible changes I'll post some more screenshots. It's getting a bit dull in here. =)

As a side note, I took my iPhone 3g with me geocaching today and found two caches. Everything worked smoothly. Geocaching at it's best; logging the cache as you are standing there is quite nice.

More later.


Andreas Aerni und Familie said...

Just want to say that i like the idea of Geopher and geocaching with the iPhone. We found our first Geopher-Cache last sunday.
What I did not like: the not turning compass (as described before), and that the traget-coordinates ar lost after changing to another app.

An idea to pick up the coordinates from the site: in the HTML-Code a coordinate is described as [p style="margin:0;padding:0;"[span id="LatLon" style="font-weight:bold;"]N 46° 47.705 E 007° 27.335[/span] [small]]. Could you somehow write your code to pick up the text after [p style="margin:0;padding:0;"][span id="LatLon" style="font-weight:bold;"] and before [/span] [small]?

Best regards

wolfgang unternaehrer said...

This morning iTunes had an update available for Geopher Lite, but upon looking at the changes ... there weren't any! It still says Version 1.0.0 but if I do a right click on the Geopher icon in iTunes, under "Summary" it says Version 1.0.1

There is no link to nor a help button in the "updated" version that I could see. I hope I'm wrong.

DadGuy said...

Andreas, doesn't allow me to pick up the coordinates from their site. It's against their terms of use. I appreciate the sentiment, it's not a matter of inability at this point, they have asked me not to do so.


1.0.0 didn't ever actually get released, 1.0.1 was the initial version on the app store. 1.0.3 is the version that will be the next release. Unfortunately apple doesn't let you change the version once you enter it in.

Frankly I dislike how apple has this process set up. I cannot currently have a different summary for the under review version of my app and the actual version of my app. So when my app is released I will have to manually update the summary, screenshots, etc. I wasn't aware of this previously and updated the summary. I apologize if it was misleading. So it will remain similar to the old summary and then when they release the update it will be wrong with screenshots, etc.

Lars said...

Just wanted jo to say, i really love your little app, i have found 10 caches with it allready, looking forward to future updates of the app..

Georgina said...

Hi, I am a geocaching newbie and I was very excited about your little apps.

It may be a very stupid question, but I don't know where I could find the answer.

My question is: The target location can be entered, but how do you set your current location? Coz my iphone 3G shows it's N 0 0.000 E 0 0.000.



DadGuy said...

Thanks lars! Glad you like it.


The current location should auto-fill for you based on where the phone thinks it is. Try this:
In the main settings app go to the "general" settings. Make sure that Location Services is set to on. Then go back to Geopher Lite and see if it updates properly. Also it may ask you if you want Geopher Lite to use your current location. You should say yes here or it won't be able to get anything other than 0 for the current coordinates. Good luck!

Georgina said...

hi, I don't know why but mine one still isn't able to locate itself.

Will the regions affect it? Ie I'm in london, is this app for US only?


Andreas Aerni und Familie said...

Hi Wolfgang
Just got the new Geopher 1.03 and played around a bit only for a minute in the office.
Great work, specially the map button and that the coordinates stay after changing the apps. Go on!


Wolfgang Unternaehrer said...

Hello Andreas,

I agree, nice work that Jeremy has done here, especially with the map button and that the coordinates now stay.

Greetings from Boston to CH,

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