Monday, July 14, 2008

Quick note...

Another quick note... Since my app seems to be perpetually "In Review" I have changed it from the free pricing tier to be $1.99. I am hoping that this will allow for the review process to be sped up -- Apple will actually be getting something out of this now.

This also means that I will be updating the demo a bit more before I move on to full Geopher development. I have a few ideas, but I am also open to (small) requests in relation to the demo. Big requests will likely be combined into the full version of Geopher.

Thanks for dropping by, more later.

Edit: I had some family things to attend to this evening, but when I came back the Geopher Demo's status had changed. It read "Rejected". Doh! However, it asked me to rebuild and re-submit it. I have done so and it is again in review. I think that if things have been done correctly, we will see Geopher Demo in the app store sometime tomorrow. Guess the free vs. paid made a difference after all. Well, that or I'm a bit superstitious. But then, wouldn't you be?

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