Thursday, August 21, 2008

New pictures

Lately mostly what I've done is hit my head against a brick wall trying to get a makefile compiled library to compile for the iPhone. And I don't know a lot about makefiles, just enough to be dangerous. It's been pretty painful.

However, in my moments of needing a break from that I've managed to change a few things on the target selection screen. I've also added a preference which will allow for turning off the auto-load of the search. The "reply" button in the top right actually rotates through the different kinds of fields. I'l probably change "save" to "done" as the fields auto-save once you are done editing them. I don't like misleading UI.

Here, have some screenshots for illustration.

I changed the top of the bar so that we now have the log button back and can rotate through a few different options.

I'm thinking of adding some additional information in a text field at the bottom, is there anything you would like to have information about that Geopher Lite doesn't currently provide?

Thanks everyone for the suggestions and support!


Victor said...

I really like the idea of being able to turn off the auto load feature.
With the current version I notice that after finding a cache I would move to the next one but the target coordinates were set to that of the previous cache. Therefore trying to pull up the local caches in the new area would not happen unless I went into the Maps app and let the GPS load. Once the blue dot appeared I would go back to Geopher and reload the target screen to get the surrounding caches. I don't know if there is a way to set it so the refreshed target screen uses the current location coordinates rather than the ones that were manually entered.
Great app BTW. It gets better every time!

DadGuy said...

In the currently released app the GPS is turned off in the target selection screen. If you immediately jump into the target selection screen the GPS may not be able to get a current position lock. In that case it probably uses your previous coordinates form your last session.

I've been thinking about adding that as a battery saving feature as a toggle in the preferences. Now that you mention it, for a person who uses google maps for caching rather than the target screen this would be a bigger problem. I'll try and get that in there this evening as a preference if I can.

To get around that you can leave it on the target selection screen until you see the accuracy starting to change and get better. I'm jealous of google map's blue circle that gives good feedback in that regard. The accuracy is okay for this, but not as good as I'd like it to be. =)

Thanks for pointing that out.

DH said...

I'm not sure if your a facebook kind a guy but I joined the Geocaching group and posted some praise about this app on the wall. I sure have had fun using it. 26 caches so far just with my iPhone.

Will said...

I know you're working on a way to get the information from entered directly into Geopher, but in looking at their website, they do have a number of third party applications that do this:

Applications for Handhelds

GPXView-PocketPC 2002 or later
Cetus GPS-PalmOS
iSilo-PalmOS, Pocket PC, Windows®, and Windows® CE
Plucker-Palm OS

Have you contacted these developers to see how they were able to download from, and how they were listed on's website?

Qrztr said...

I'd like a feature so I can jump out to Safari using the current URL - so I can bookmark the page and have access to other browser features as well.

Just like the Map key opens up real Google Maps.

DadGuy said...

grztr, Thanks for the suggestion, I'll consider it.

Will, negotiations with are happening, I'm doing what I can here.

dh, glad you're finding success with Geopher Lite!

I've also added an "always on" preference for the GPS.

Jim said...

Does this program use location awareness to see the caches in your area? It looks that way from the picture but I can't totally tell. That would be a selling point for me. It is quite annoying to do that manually through Safari mobile.

Anonymous said...

Is there a way or are you working on after doing a search on, and I click on a local cache a way of adding a back browser feature, so if the cache I clicked on is not one I want to do I can go back to the page before?? Also, stopping the autoload and/or a way to save the screen would be great. IE looking at cache on geocaching then adding the coordinates is fine, then I go to the map to see where it is, when I come back to geopher the cache I was looking at is gone for which I may want to read more info on or hints?? Thanks, I have been using your program and having lots of fun with my kids.

DadGuy said...

This program does indeed search using your current coordinates.

The next version (assuming apple approval) will have a back button. I've not found a good way to save the webpage yet between sessions, but it's on my list of things to do.

PLAV77 said...

When I click 'New Search' is that using my current location or is it using the Lat Long that I last typed in? I can't wait to see the next version.

DadGuy said...

plav77, that is using your current location.

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