Monday, August 18, 2008


Quick update and a request today.

First off, thanks everyone for your feedback. I've got a couple of things in the works that should help the target selection screen some.

Much of the development has turned to the theoretical on how best to make a few things work in the full version. Expect things to slow down some, though not stop completely. I have a surprise that would be great if I can make it happen. As long as I can navigate the twisty maze that is apple's SDK while avoiding the issues with's terms of use. Once I find a clear path I'll announce it. In the meantime, keep going with the suggestions. Feel free to repeat yourself if you feel strongly about it. =)

I'll probably post a screenshot or two here later in the week.

As for the request.

I don't feel like many of the reviews are totally accurate on the itunes store. I'd like your help with that. The top reviews that show up in iTunes really don't represent Geopher very well at this point. If you guys could go over there and rate some of the reviews as helpful or non-helpful I would be grateful.

That said, and this is important!

I don't want anyone to lie or fanatically promote geopher. If you write a review, be fair but honest. If you say a review was helpful (or not helpful), be honest.

As a reminder, Geopher Lite isn't meant to be a full geocaching supplement. It's for those times that you want to go grab a cache and haven't prepared for it in advance. I understand that many people want it to be more than that. That's what the full version is being developed for. Give it time. =)

Thanks everyone for your help and support in moving this forward.


Will said...

Glad to help out. I've already gone in and written my review of the program. Hope it makes it to the top.
Tried caching with the new version this weekend. Compass rotation seemed to work just fine.
I'm glad to see that a full version is still in the works. I was afraid it was going to be nixed with all of the frustration you had with and the App Store. Any ETA when it might launch, and what the price point will be?
I'll be attending a caching picnic this weekend, and I'm looking forward to showing off my iPhone and Geopher. Silly question, though, how do you pronounce the name? I've always pronounced it "G-O-fur", but my son pronounces it "Joe-fur" (rhymes with gopher). Just want to get it right.

DadGuy said...

The intent on the name was to be a play off of geocaching and agopher, but I never did get a good gopher icon. You're pronouncing it right, Geo-Pher. =)

john said...

for the full application, do you plan on supporting any of the features the Geode guys are working on?

DadGuy said...

Even before those guys announced anything, the plan was pretty much for all of those same features minus map and track support. And I have to give them the rotate feature for the compass, that was a pretty nifty idea.

When I first saw their page I was about ready to quit. =) They give a great first impression. As I looked closer, I realized they have great marketing. They did all of their marketing first and now have to live up to that hype, they are making it happen following the announcement. I've gone the opposite route in that I have some grand plans (and a master list like they do, though not public) and have from the beginning. I'm promising less, but planning on delivering more or less the same package. I know that the Geopher community has helped both them and me with ideas, and I see that only as a win for everyone using the software.

They have a bigger, more dedicated team working on their app, so I am expecting them to be first to market. I still plan on doing what I've always planned on doing regardless - moving forward with the full version of Geopher. I wish them the best of luck with their app, I'm sure it will be worth the price.

Does that help answer that? =)

Tapani said...

I like the skins on the new version. dont know if I do something wrong but I can't find how to turn on compass rotation. Or is it only for beta testers?

Well any-hoo. I discovered that when it rains and there are threes around I can not get accuracy better then 17-47m. It is kind of large area to search, especially when the small remain of a forest is smaler then the 47m... :D

Does the accuracy affect the GPS update rate or is it purely based on distance to koordinate? well the uppdate rate was a bit too slow when I was close to the cache (5-10m) to be that much of an help to pinpoint zero. with the earlyer version I made a habit to triangulate the last 10-20m in tree infested areas. For some reason the triangulating does not seem to work as easily. But that could be just circumstances for the partiular cache...

Well thats all for now/
The lonesome iPhone cahcer in Sweden.

Marky P said...


I've left a review, I was planning to anyway. I've done 6 caches with this now and found all of them. 1 even took me directly to the point and under tree cover !

Keep up the good work, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey marky p

Can you please comment on how precise your iPhone GPS is? How much of finding the caches was the GPS, and how much was you? Thanks :)

Marky P said...


Well I have found all 6 of my caches using only the iPhone and on some I had to use the hint. It has varied slightly in accuracy, but I usually have a good walk around to get a better reading.

Of course with finding the cache there will still be an element on human searching I think.

The worst accuracy I have seen was around +/-45m but that was under heavy cover, even then I still found the location.

Kevin said...

I just posted a review on the app store for you. LOVE this app! I've been using the beta rotational compass feature and find that it makes this infinitely more usable for me. One of the only suggestions that I've thought of and haven't seen mentioned anywhere would be changing the "Distance to Target" text to display the name of the cache you are going after. I imagine that could be a nightmare to implement (if it is even possible with Groundspeak's limitations) but I think that would be really cool. Thanks again for all your hard work, I will happily pay just about whatever you want to charge for the full version!

SBC said...

Yes, I agree. Rotate compass is an absolute must, so don't hide it, even if you aren't completely satisfied with it. Just make a settings page with one of those nice iPhone toggle switches for Rotate, and throw in the selector for skins for good measure.

The iPhone really need a good Geocaching program and you are on the right track, so I will also buy the full version, regardless of price.

bryan said...

Thanks so much for this app! I gave you a great review on the app store. I've been wanting to get into geocaching for a while now, and with my iPhone 3g and this program, I can do it. Keep up the great work!

troopbevhills said...

I need to get a little mini sticker compass to put at to top of my iPhone to help me orient north when I am in a Forrest!!!! I need to hit up a dollar or surpluss store... Any suggestions? Heh

Btw, my review I wrote a couple days ago just showed up!

Anonymous said...

Have you looked into OpenClip for Copy/paste functionality?

It would be great to be able to just copy and paste the coordinates instead of manually typeing them in.

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