Thursday, October 2, 2008


Before I say anything, I want to say thank you to magicwaldo. That was a humbling thing to read directed at me and I thank you for it.

On another note, for those newer to the program, the compass WILL rotate. I've seen a few comments here and there that this doesn't work. It needs to be turned on, it is off by default. I will be turning this on by default in the next version.

I've been thinking about a lot of things the past week or so, and many of those thoughts had to do with Geopher and Geopher Lite.

I have decided to continue on with Geopher. In the coming weeks I will post on what the initial version of Geopher will be. There's a lot I want to do and likely everything I want to do will not make the final cut. I have lost some time here in my indecision, and I'll be stepping things up to get back on track.

In regards to -- I won't be able to ever do what I originally wanted to do with Geopher. However I think I can make a simple, clean app for dealing with GPX files and offliner caching, while keeping things in line with the feel of Geopher Lite.

In regards to Geopher Lite. Instead of following my own priority list in my last post, I've been looking into a way to archive the current web page. The short answer is that there's no quick way to do this with apple's SDK and I am looking into a way to do this myself.

Many things are on the plate, and my last post summarizes a lot of what's going to happen in the next while. As always, drop me a line via email or in a post here. Thanks everyone for your comments and support!


elnj said...

Just a quick comment to say that I think your plan sounds great. I haven't purchased any iPhone app yet for geocaching, since I have an iPhone with no data plan. What I really need is an app to load cache info for off-line access - so something that could load a .gpx file from a Pocket Query would be great, and something I'd gladly pay for. That doesn't look like where Groundspeak is going, so I hope you'll do it.

Thanks for your work on this.

Branden Russell said...

Actually, if you read the post about groundspeak's app, it does store a cache for viewing offline.
However, you do it one at a time and the app is more geared to having internet access

Glad to hear you're still planning to progress your app. You've done a great deal of work and it'd be sad to see it go.

Kevin said...

I fully believe that if it were not for all the hard work that you have put into making this app, it would probably be a year or more before groundspeak got around to releasing one of their own. As I mentioned before, I still check your blog daily to see how geopher is progressing and I completely look forward to every single update. I raise my glass to you and tell you wholeheartedly THANK YOU!

C L said...

Hi dadguy
I bought Geopher Lite as soon as it was available, and have not been disappointed. It works as intended and finds caches. I agree about the need for offline browsing of gpx files, but we all take this as a necessity given our familiarity with "paperless" caching. It wasn't that long ago that we all had to punch in coordinates to our own dedicated GPSr. For me, the iphone will never replace a palm or laptop for serious caching or searching for caches in remote areas, but I doubt this was ever it's intention. However, for one device to do what the iphone does with Geopher Lite it is functional, easy to use and it is brilliant. It has been since the very start.
THANK YOU dadguy!

Anonymous said...

I am happy to read that you will continu Geopher.

I wrote you on the compass thing. Not turning the right way or being stuck. Of course I checked all the settings. I have also some issues with Google maps not telling me fairly soon with the pulsating blue dot where I am now. Earlier on it all worked like a charm in my area. Probably it is a 3g thing together with to many apps or something. Maybe I have to reset all things. In all cases, or apples internal software must get better in GPS or it is waiting for a better iphone. A compass and also thinking of other compass/position related apps, like Google maps (rotating cards like Tom Tom, geocaching) is something we will all benefit from. In one or another way. And therefore it will all happen in the end. Hopefully this is soon.

Anonymous said...

I purchased Geopher Lite today to support your efforts. I look forward to your new app Goepher and hope it will include the ability to load our Pocket Querys. It would be nice if it could interface with GSAK!!

Thanks for your work to date.


Beil said...

Yahoo! That is great news! Your strategy sounds quite good.

With your app I found my very first cache and I look forward to finding many more with your help.

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