Monday, October 13, 2008


Hey, just a note to let you all know that I'm still here, I've not forgotten about you.

Lots of stuff happening for me lately, so I've not done much of anything for the iPhone in about a week.

I left work tonight at 10:15 PM. This isn't unusual lately, I think I need to talk with my boss.

Good news on the web archive front, I've made some progress there. Someone has also suggested allowing field notes in the final version, I have thought about this and wanted to get some feedback on it. For the moment I'm thinking of allowing you to add notes and then giving you the option to email yourself the notes with a link to the cache that they are attached to so you can log them or do whatever you need. It'd be great for logging bugs and coins and the like.

Groundspeak's app finally hit the app store this weekend. It's worth checking out, but I'm a bit disappointed in the initial offering -- I was hoping for a bit more than that. Still, there's tons of potential with it.

I'm planning on posting my thoughts about the current geocaching software that's out there and what a user's options are. At the moment things are very usable, and there are a number of choices. Some decent options at the moment, though nothing anyone is dying over. I think that groundspeak has the best shot at that, but there's plenty of room for competition.

Thanks for stopping by, as always drop me a line with feedback or questions, I'm happy to help where I can.


DH said...

Thanks again for all the hard work you have put into this program. With my iPhone and Geopher Lite I have been able to grab at least 3 FTFs in the highly competitive SLC area! I too was dissapointed with Groundspeaks app and will not be spending the money to get it. Geopher was getting lots of praise on the reviews for Groundspeaks app too. Thanks again!

Kevin said...

I did purchase the app, and was very disappointed, though I realize it is still in the early stages. I'm sure it will get better with time, but as of right now I'm exclusively a Geopher user (besides, the Copper skin is just so adventurous and cool looking). Also, something I just realized today, their app allows the phone to go to sleep, even when it's in my car charger. Totally unacceptable for my use. I wrote a fairly long review of the app in the app store itself, if you get the chance to check them out my name is tuxedokmax on there. Once again THANK YOU!

altered7151 said...

I have all 3 apps, geopher lite, igeocacher, and the gc "geocaching" app. For on the go caching, your app is far superior to the GC app, in my opinion anyways. The iGeocacher app is a very well thought out app that is great if you have the time to load the gpx files before you head out. I use geopher while on the go or in a new area, and the igeocacher on planned runs, or a combination of both. I think with a few more upgrades you'll be THE app to have for on the go, and with the capability to load GPX files it will be THE cache app period

Tapani said...

Oh man, I just like this app more and more.

I was at a teambuilding-kickoff in an totally unknown area for me. In one of our breaks I opened the app and found that there was a cache 180 meters from the place. A short walk later the cache was found and registered. No hasle, just start the app and off you go.

Some happy news, the podcast Podcacher tried the app and had a separate segment for it.

hannesmueller said...

Hey, love your app, have to agree 100% with what altered7151 said...
Would really spend money to rebuy a full featured version with gpx support etc.
I found the "official" app rather unusable (allows sleep, compass is not as clear for me...)

I have one small isue: sometimes, the login cookie for the website seems to get deleted, is this a know bug?

Thanks again!

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