Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Quick update

Hey all.

I've been a bit distracted the past few months from iPhone programming and haven't done a lot. Life is busy. Long story short, I've unintentionally feature-locked Geopher Lite. I'm considering starting up development again if there is interest.

With 3.0 of the iPhone OS coming out soon I will likely release an update. I've got a few minor things to tweak to make Geopher Lite look a bit nicer with the new version of the iPhone OS. In the meantime, If you're using Geopher Lite and would like to see a change, drop me a line, either here or in my email posted to the left. I make no promises, but if there's something that enough people would like I'd be happy to look into adding it.

Thanks for using Geopher Lite!


Kevin Smith said...

I'm glad! I still prefer your app over the official Groundspeak one. I was very angry with them for hamstringing developers like you the way they did. Those caches and their information belonged to the community, not You should have been allowed to scrape that data :(

SonicHedgehog said...

I just wanted to say, that I would love an update of your app :)

For example, it would be great, if Geopher Lite would remember the coordinates that I have entered, even if I quit the app.

I'm looking forward :)

Patty Hayes said...

Keep at it!

Love your app - was a bit worried with no updates for a few months.

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