Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Quick Comment

I'm at work so I need to make this brief, but wanted to mention something to you all.

I'll be looking at the embedded google maps inside of Geopher Lite instead of the link to the maps application. I will also be looking at using Apple's new heading variables for the compass in 3.0. This will work on the old phones as well as the new ones, likely similarly to what I have going now. When I tried it with the initial new beta last fall I didn't get any noticeably changed results with apple's code as I did with my own heading calculation. I don't know if that's because their code was very preliminary or if I accidentally have really good heading code. =) Either way, expect the compass to get revamped a bit as well as the maps feature embedded.

Does anyone have other specific suggestions they would like to see in the UI of Geopher Lite?

Thanks everyone for the support.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Glad you're still at it and look forward to the 3.0 update!

Anonymous said...

Yes nice to see you are still thinking of us :)

I am eager to see any updates you may make and any new features due to OS 3.0


mjm2050 said...

Just bought your app from iTunes yesterday and tried it out today. Found two caches without any problem.

two questions:

1. will you be making use of the new compass chip in the iPhone 3GS in any future releases?

2. what is the significance of the "GPS Always On" setting in the preferences for Geopher?


DadGuy said...

Hi Mike,

1. Yes, I'm working on this for a release in the near future. Unfortunately I don't have a 3GS. I apparently get to upgrade at the end of august, but I expect that to be after I release the update.

2. Some users were complaining that the GPS was unnecessary unless you were actually on the compass screen. So this switch toggles the GPS to be off when it can be.

Hope that helps.

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