Monday, March 8, 2010


So, I'm thinking of making an ad supported version of Geopher Lite. I wonder if it would make any difference.

I've been thinking about this since I had that 24 hour (ish) sale and made the app free. I don't think that it actually did anything other than get about 800 people to try the app out. That was a huge spike in one day.

With an ad supported version I think that some people out there who might use Geopher Lite if there were no up-front cost.

Obviously I'll post here if/when it happens.

As for the iPad, I've not gotten much feedback, and what I have got is mostly that people wouldn't want to use it on the iPad anyhow. So I doubt I could even pay off an iPad with the 3G chip if I ported it anyhow. I still may do so, but it won't be at least until late summer.

As always, thanks for stopping by.


Purohit D said...

I appreciate the information. iphone development with iphone
is really grooming these days as demand for business and entertainment application is increasing.

Carsten said...

Well, if you get some money from it, do it. And then use the money to write an GPX import. ;-)

DadGuy said...

Hi Carsten,

I'm considering doing that if I can get some of the new changes with 4.0 working in-app. I haven't forgotten about that and while I make zero promises, I've been considering revisiting Geopher Lite and revving it up a bit for the iPad. I'll let you know here what happens. =)

Didier said...

Forget the Ipad too big & cumbersome for geocaching but how about Android & Symbian ?

DadGuy said...

Hi Didier,

I have heard that symbian is a beast to develop for (and very expensive to get started). I have looked a little at android, but I don't yet have an android device. I was hoping to see an android tablet, but the 5" things are barely more than phones. Android is definitely on my radar though. Thanks for asking. =)

Anonymous said...

Please update your app for new iPhone. I went out this weekend and had lots of issues, ie freezing up, crashing, set coordinates were coming up wrong. Thankyou.

DadGuy said...

Hi Anonymous,

I've not yet done any geocaching with the new iPhone, however, I have played around with Geopher Lite some and everything appears normal. I have had one person mention that it was abnormally slow on the iPad and I will be looking into that some. Can you be more specific on what you have been seeing?

Anonymous said...

I have had your app since it came out and it has been my only tool for geocaching. Think it might be more to do with os4? Things would start out ok and if switched to map view my position would sometimes lockup or freeze. The app crashed a couple times random. Was very sluggish. Also at the worst time when I was in the middle f the woods with a weak Pune signal under heavy cover the app kept inputting the went coordinates for where I was, example: I was at 23 48.510 and the first two digits were coming up 24??? It was very frustrating and I started to look for another app. Hope this helps u find some of those issues. Thanks, Joe

Anonymous said...

Dadguy, forgot to mention, we had my wifes 3g with os4 also. When I started to have trouble with my new iphone, I booted up hers and we were having similar issues, ie very slow, freezing, crashing.

DadGuy said...

Thanks for the additional information Joe. I'll do some more testing and let you know here what I find out. I have tried both the wifi iPad and the 3G with iOS 4 on it and they both seemed more sluggish than they should be. I'll do some more testing and see what I can do to take care of this -- it shouldn't be so sluggish. It may be that they changed something under the hood with iOS 4 that's causing problems.

dr_dad said...

I am trying to find an app that can import a digital voice file from an xd card via the USB bridge so that I can attach it to an email do you have any suggestions

DadGuy said...


as far as I know apple's card reader only handles video and photos via their photo application. I'm not sure if you can access the card reader through apple's official SDK or not.

Anonymous said...

HI DadGuy,

Any luck on updateing the app and getting rid of some of the bugs with the new OS?


DadGuy said...

Nothing new to report yet. I am going on vacation this weekend through most of next week and I hope to get a chance to do some more while I am away. I have confirmed that on the iPad and the older iPhones there are performance problems, but nothing appears to be wrong, so I'm not really sure what to do about it in regards to the new OS. Se we are likely at least two weeks out as apple's review process is over a week right now, even if I found a problem and fixed it today.

I am considering a major overhaul of Geopher Lite, so if you have additional suggestions or a wishlist of any kind, now would be a good time to mention it. =)

Anonymous said...

I have tried several times on my iphone 4 and still very laggy. Anyway, some thoughts off the bat for adding things on: 1) Can you make a button on the compass page to switch from compass directly to the map and then back to compass? 2) Is there a way to drop a pin on the map to mark a starting point, and/or is it possible to keep a trail from your starting point, kinda like motionx GPS? These would help if you get turned around in the woods, etc. 3)Is there a way to access a map showing geocaches in relation to where you are instead of just a list? This would help in areas where there a lot of caches and I would like to do a circle and hit a bunch instead of going back and forth. 4) Last I can think of is multitasking, might be nice to have music on or something in the background or make a call, and come back to the running app, instead of having to boot it up again. If I think of any other ideas I will let you know. Thanks for your time. Regards, Joe

Paula said...

OOHHHH I like ALL the suggestions that Anon left on July 23!! :D Those are GREAT ideas! It would also be nice to see a demo of how the app works on You Tube. We went searching on there how how-to's and such. We are VERY new to geocaching. WE just tried out the free geocaching app (which is just a taste of the full app). I emailed you about it. Thanks so much for being so in touch with your customers!

Paula said...

Oh and a way to get the LOC or GPX (I have no idea what those are yet) onto the phone in the app would be GREAT! :D

Derby said...

Put i-pad aside as it is too big and complex to use :) Focus on i-phone applications. Well iphone application development and i-pad application development is same at some extent.I have one suggestion. if you are interesting in making i-phone games also. Make an application in which with the touch of your finger, sand will be removed from touched screen. Well I am getting rid of these bugs in new OS.

Anonymous said...

HI Dadguy,

How is it going with an update? Summer is almost over :-(.


DadGuy said...


I'll be brutally honest, since I've been back from vacation most of my spare time has gone to starcraft 2. I've finished the campaign and should start seeing my time free up a bit more. I've also ditched plans for a small version update and am planning for a larger overhaul. I don't have as much time as I would like to get this done, but I am working towards the new version, sit tight.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, it doesn't sound too promising, and sounds like we will have to wait a long time for and update or for a new app and possibly have to buy again? At this point Im giving up on Geopher Lite and trying the new geocaching app. Worse thing that could happen is Im out $10. Disappointed, but that's life.

DadGuy said...

Hi Anonymous,

I can certainly understand your position. I will say that I am not planning on re-charging for more features. I could go on and on as to why things are slow, but in the end it doesn't matter for you -- if Geopher Lite isn't getting the job done for you then I absolutely expect you to move on rather than waiting around for me. I really have no way of knowing other than how my sales are doing as far as how many users are using Geopher Lite. If I jsut went by my sales I'd shut down the project now as it's certainly not making me rich. Or even paying for itself at this point. It's a hobby for me and I'm happy to help where I can. But I can't honestly compete with a full time developer like and it would be insane for me to try. That said, I still have plans and things happening for Geopher Lite, so don't count me out yet. But by all means, don't let me get in the way of your geocaching -- try some other apps out. There are a number of them and some are better fits than others for what they do, both by price and features. I hope you find a great solution for your needs!

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